David Otis Telson writes songs. At 8 he began playing guitar and singing, and the songs he wrote then as well as now have always had a haunting and rich harmonic sensibility. He is an intuitive composer who often invents new guitar tunings in order to refresh his imagination's constant search for the next chord. And that perfect chord will both surprise and reward the listener's expectations, so that his songs are easy to enter, yet, upon entry, the listener finds himself in a new place. Of David's  25 years, half were spent in Buenos Aires and half in New York. In "La Paloma" he adapts the famous Spanish poem written by his great-grandfather, Rafael Alberti, and in David's music can be heard the influence of Argentine folkloric music. "Through Vivian's Eyes" was inspired by the photography and life story of the recently discovered street photographer Vivian Maier. She worked as a nanny all her adult life, and after she died thousands of her photos and negatives were discovered hidden in a closet- "Welcome to Paradise/ in Black and White thru Vivian's eyes." "Compañera" tells the story of a cross-country road trip: "Life is brief/ Love is all the more infinite in its brevity."
Since returning to Brooklyn in 2012, David has explored the possibilities of sound design and musical scoring through his exploration of effects, pedals, and ambient sound. In 2016 he composed the score for video artist Charles Dennis' "Exorcism on Ice," which can be seen and heard on David's "Music for Dance/Video" page.